Owner/Managing Director · 1993 έως σήμερα · Alexandroúpolis, Evros, Greece
interior design by creative team ΚΟΣΜΙΔΟΥ ΤΟΝΙΑ –ΠΑΠΑΧΡΗΣΤΟΥ ΜΙΧΑΛΗΣ They studied in the laboratories of Free study "DIMITRELI" in Thessalonica period 1990-1993 where at the same time they worked in decorative office "ARTION DESIGN" from where they acquired experience in the study and manufacture of professional and domestic spaces, as well as in the industrial DESIGN. In 1993 they founded the company Creative Team where it functions up to today in Alexandroupoli “4-6 Riga Feraiou Str” . The company is activated in the greater Greek area undertaking the study and manufacture of professional and domestic spaces. Our Objective is the planning and manufacture of space that is characterized by the most excellent aesthetic and innovative constructional perfection. The use of the most modern technology and materials in our work ensures our customers the ability of seeing in beforehand their space in 3D form and walk around their space in real time. 3D visualisation is the 3D representation of buildings or other objects with the help of specialized animation 3d Cad software, with the most accurate representation of the materials, colours and lighting effects. 3D visualisation depictions are henceforth essential tool in our times for the architect, political engineer, designer, decorator and private individual. It facilitates the student to comprehend and to improve his work, providing at the same time the ability of control and finalisation of colours, materials and aesthetics of his project. At the same time is an essential tool that protects the project from unnecessary changes and corrections that would have a negative effect in the final cost of the whole manufacturing process. “People usually are the happiest at home.” – William Shakespeare, 1564-1616 Creative Team Alexandroupoli ,Greece ,68100 4-6 Riga Feraiou Str Tel: +302551037647 Mob: +306934745574